By definition, Sana means, “Amazingly beautiful girl with a smile that puts even the stars to shame ;and her humour can bring happiness to the saddest of places.” Also Sana is a very apt abbreviation for SAnitary NApkins, which brings us to the clear justification for the name of the project, sinking well with it’s aim.

If we go about the facts, then 48% of Indian girls are unaware of what periods are before they get their first period and out of these, 23% drop out from their schools when they start menstruating or miss upto 5 classes per month. Keeping this issue in mind, we at Enactus Shivaji started with a project : Project SANA

In simple language, our project is all about spreading awareness, making reusable sanitary napkins available to those who need it and also to generate employment among the underprivileged people, particularly women. These sanitary napkins will be 75% more biodegradable than the ordinary pads because of the material used in them and also reusable (can last upto 20 to 25 washes) and would still be available at cheaper rates than the other substitutes available in the market. Not only this, but the packaging of our product is also biodegradable.

Since we are all aware about the condition of the environment, the biodegradable property of our product also help us not to turn our ears deaf towards the alarming situation of our Earth.

The major areas where we will be initiating our project are Azadpur, Mustafabad and Raghubir Nagar, and henceforth expand our reach.

Project Sana is in it’s initial stages at the moment, and we at Enactus Shivaji are leaving no stone unturned to make it a success.

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