Bandhini was our first project. It was a step towards helping communities and gaining experience.
• Bandhini’s main aim was to make best out of waste. This project entails using the technique of tie and dye to make waste fabric look attractive.
• The process of tie and dye consists of folding, twisting, pleating or crumpling fabric and binding with strings followed by application of dye.
• Using techniques such as shibhani, diamond pattern, one colour spiral etc; tie and dye can produce almost any design desired.

“We send her to school.
We keep him in good health. We train her for a job.
We help him make a living.”

• HOPE foundation works to bring about change in the lives of children, young people and vulnerable individuals. We educate children, provide healthcare and train young people and women in skills for livelihoods.
• A team of 550 people and many more volunteers and partners work in 26 cities in India through over 100 programs and community-based services.

With a very efficient collaboration with HOPE Foundation, Enactus Shivaji successfully completed the objectives of Project Bandhini and is now motivated to work towards more such projects empowering the life of the impoverished communities.

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