Who We Are

Shivaji College is a constituent of the University of Delhi which lays emphasis on all-round, integrated development of students along with its mission of achieving excellence. The college has had various societies and committees to work towards this goal. One such society, Enactus focuses on fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship along with social work in its students and creating future business leaders. Enactus Shivaji started in the year 2015 and since then has been constantly striving to bring about social change as well as provide a sustainable quality of life to the impoverished communities. Our first initiative Project Bandhini was successfully completed.
Launched in 2017, “Project Bandhini” was a project undertaken with the main idea of transforming waste fabric into desirable everyday utility products like stoles, dupattas, folders, purses, etc. The team that oversaw this project strived to empower women and offer them possibilities to be self-dependent. Enactus Shivaji successfully achieved the objectives of this project.
Enactus Shivaji is a team of 50 young change-makers who are dedicated and passionate towards inspiring entrepreneurship and hence in generating economic opportunities. Enactus Shivaji has taken up a few projects earlier and has been successful in uplifting the status of the community in Jhilmil area. Project Bandhani was the pilot project undertaken where we were successful in teaching the ladies how to make various products like Dupattas, pouches, stoles etc. The profit earned was given to the community which not only gave them skills but a better standard of living.
Our current project: Project Sana is an endeavor to create reusable sanitary napkins. This initiative not only helps us in contributing towards the environment but also helps in guiding the underprivileged slum area women who are totally unaware of menstrual hygiene.
Even today a majority of women still use cloth instead of a proper sanitary napkin not because they are not aware but because of the heavy prices of the pad. The unsterilized cloth makes them susceptible to urinary tract infections and other problems. When we asked them how they manage with the cloth, some of them replied saying after using the cloth once, they throw away the latter, this is not only hazardous to the environment, but also to the animals that may consume the cloth. We aim to curb this and reach as many women as we can. Our product is not only affordable but also eco-friendly.

The team of Enactus Shivaji is working hard towards achieving the goals of Project Sana to make it a success.

At Enactus Shivaji, we are always motivated to work with a business strategy to help bring change, hence moving one step ahead. We believe that every individual can help in creating a strong impact by using the positive power of entrepreneurship action.

Apart from this, Enactus Shivaji also organizes collection drives for books and clothes annually. These collections are then donated to the children at various orphanages in West Delhi.